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The “Axcellerator” Cast and Director Rock Opening Night Party at AFM in Santa Monica !

Sean Young, John James, Laura James, Maxwell Caulfield, Ryan Wesen and Director David Giancola re-united at Artist View’s Entertainment’s Annual American Film Market Opening Night Party.

The film’s first poster was revealed as the cast was hounded by autograph seekers and schmoozed with film buyers from all over the world.

“Axcellerator” Hollywood Cast got a Sneak Preview at Arena CineLounge on Sunset !

Sean Young, Ryan Wesen, John James, Laura James, Director David Giancola and a very lucky select group of guests got a Sneak Preview of “Axcellerator” at Sunset Blvd’s Arena CineLounge in Hollywood.

The party continued until late into the night. (Well, the film’s young actors told us that anyway...)

The next place to see the film is in the U.K at the London International Sci-Fi Film Festival in the prestigious Price Charles Theatre.

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“Axcellerator” Exclusive Sneak Preview in Nashville!

“Axcellerator” Benefit Screening in Rutland, Vt. !



Rising Tide Award WINNER:


“Axcellerator” wows U.K.

Audience and Critics at

Sci-Fi LONDON Fest

Director David Giancola and Actor/Producer John James were the guest of the festival and led a rousing Q&A to a packed audience at the Prince Charles Cinema. U.K. Critics heaped praise on the film calling it “zingy, humorous, and ton of fun“ and “brilliantly inspired with loads of 80’s charm”.

Edgewood gave free posters

to the entire audience as

well as Edgewood Studios

DVD Mega-Paks to selected

fans. Giancola commented;

“I had to lug all this stuff

across the pond so I hope

you like it” while he and

James signed autographs.

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“Axcellerator conjures up the pure joy of the action cinema of the 80s, like the unsuspected gem you discovered on the shelves of the video store. Sam J. Jones is no longer out to save everyone, and instead takes on all comers as a ruthless gun-for-hire. Plus, this probably has the most explosions of any film we’ve ever shown.” — Bears Rebecca Fonté, OW Founder and Artistic Director

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“Axcellerator is sheer joy with an infectious sense of fun”

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